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Extremely Normal was founded by songwriter and producer Christian Ehmer and drummer Sebastian Schmitz in the year 2000. It didn't take long until Christian had written 20 songs which then where perfected in the rehearsal room. They had several singers auditioning, both male and female vocalists. In 2003 Extremely Normal found themselves, for the first time, a male voice by the name of "Fuggi". The first big gig was in Summer on the Jakobsmarket in Remagen where they showed their repertoire to a responsive audience having a wind section trio supporting them live. It was obvious that a new rock/popband was born.

But they got slowed down soon when the drummer left the band to study his instrument on the L.A.M.A. in Los Angeles for one year. For this reason Extremely Normal broke up and Christian saw himself forced to find new musicians again. Between 2003 and 2004 Petra Wirges joined the band which, in the meantime, had been completed with Patrick Lippoldt on drums, Marco Menzel on base and Bastian Müller on keyboards. This way Christian was able to show his guitar skills.


In Spring 2004 the band was complete and ready for playing gigs, which they did with quite some success. When Sebastian returned from L.A. he returned to do his part with Extremely Normal. In 2004 they played their biggest event, doing a show at the open air theatre  St. Goarshausen Loreley. This open air theatre was sponsored by Big FM and Pro7. What a great opportunity to introduce their music to a broad audience. After having played several successful concerts like e.g. in the surroundings of Frankfurt and Leverkusen the band matured to become a first class rock/popband.

In 2006 they presented their fans with their first CD called Between nine and twelve, which was recorded and published by themselves with their own label Extremely Records EXR". Several radio stations like SWR1 or the armed forces radio showed their interest in the band and asked for interviews with these creative musicians to find out more about their album, which you can also purchase on this website and on amazon.


Extremely Normal play successfully in the occupation today with Michaela Kellermann (VOC) , Milena Pohl (VOC), Dirk Schöning ( bass ) , Manuel Löbbert (DRUMS), Daniel Stein (Guitar) and Christian Ehmer (Keys).

Extremely Normal currently working on their new live program as well as new audio material .


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